Asahi Tojima, Futatsuzaka high school first grader, dressed in a new uniform. She went to high school as “I would be different until now”, however, she encountered a pervert of exposure mad in the train. Asahi eventually became stiff, but beautiful high school girl Miharu Miyazi suddenly appeared and kicked off the man and got rid of it. That mysterious school girl left behind the word “metamorphosis” to Asahi who tried to say thank you.
While introducing various club activities in club orientation of Futatsuzaka high school, Maharu Miyaji who Asahi met in the morning showed a beautiful performance. Maharu invoked three students including Asahi who laughed at the explanation by the member. Then, three students, Asahi Tojima, Konno Sakura, Shoko Yasomura, who are dressed in Naginata uniform without knowing the reason, are praised for the sword of Naginata, and decide to join the Naginata club.
While freshmen were in the training of physical strength, Inter-high cup began. Because there are few Naginata player populations, they can become the Tokyo delegation in Inter-high game if they win three games. The team of Futatsuzaka High School went smoothly in the first and second rounds by the impact of Miharu, and eventually competed against Kokuryo High School in the final game. Although Miyaji won, Futatsuzaka High School lost due to the overwhelming strength of freshmen ace Nene Ichido. Asahi intended to encourage seniors and said, “I will beat Kokuryo next year!” When she shouted out loudly, Ichido heard the words, so that the rival relationship between Asahi and Ichido started become.
Although the third grader retired and the new Naginata team started together with freshmen. The first grade would finally begin full-scale practice. Although it was decided to start armor training, in order to proceed to the training, Asahi and other freshmen were given the task of keeping jumping rope for 3 minutes. Asahi was not good at jump rope, but a bait that a set of armors is given to freshman who ranked first in rope jumping encouraged Asahi. Asahi challenged to jump rope for three minutes until the morning of the test day, but Asahi’s test finished third. However, Yasomura who got armor acknowledged Asahi’s hard work, and she handed over armor to Asahi.